Friday, 23 August 2013

Those Cunning Tricks Couples Play On Each Other!

All of a sudden everyone is a genius...

Even those dewy eyed newly-in-loves do it. In the parlance of couples that would be the
' ignorant Honeymoon phase '
. That phase where when you are in it, you think it lasts forever and when you are out of it, you know that the next phase is even better...

Of course you need to stick around long enough to experience it. A lot of disappointed
' Honeymooners ' just split up when it stops being all rosy!

Back to those cunning tricks we all do to one another:

  • Whatever time I go to bed, I like to read a page or two of my current book. More is impossible, as I often fall asleep with it. Bob, with passing years, has started to detest my bedside lamp being on. Well, this morning he owned up and told me that he had put my book next to his side of the bed, so I wouldn't find it! Cheeky so & so...It worked, because I went straight to sleep. Bob 1 - Biggi 0
  • One of you hides clothes that you don't think your partner should wear in public.
    " Really Schatzi / Honey / Stinky, I haven't seen your stove pipes. "
    Biggi 1 - Bob 0
  • We all know what irritates the other. Who hasn't used that as a secret weapon ? You know, doing it a bit more than usual at those times they made you cross.
  • Buying new clothes and only wearing them a few months down the road. When the inevitable " Did you buy new clothes again? " comes your way, you can say with a clear conscious " You mean these pants? Gosh no, I've had these for months! "
  • When my Mother-in-Law was newly married, she was still developing her cooking skills! She had found a recipe for sausage hot pot that was easy to make and naturally hung onto it for dear life. My Father-in-law hated it but didn't have the heart to tell her. One day the dish only used for this sausage hot pot fell mysteriously onto the floor and broke. It was the end of that recipe...We'll never know if it fell or was pushed!!!!
  • Everyone has hidden the remote control when there is a lengthy afternoon of Sport ahead on TV. How else could we carry on watching our RomComs ? We all know that men have forgotten how to change the channel on the TV itself...

Ah, married life is great, isn't it? The fun never ends...


P/S: I need to apologize to a few of my readers. For some reason, I didn't get notification on some comments you left on my blog. So sorry about that but I am trying my best to make sure I don't do that again.