Friday, 16 August 2013

Public Holidays Are Perfect For Family Outings.

A perfect day of leisure...

My Mum phoned us yesterday morning to ask us along for an excursion to Maria Weinberg. There was a Fete of some sort. Beer, wine & food. I asked Bob whether he wanted to go even though I already knew the answer. He pretended to think about it but had already moved towards the bedroom to go and change !

Bob loves his Lederhosen and will sport them at the drop of a hat. At first he thought he was the only one, but it soon turned out that there were plenty of others, even trendy youngsters !
We had to walk a distance from the car park and came across some interesting sights. This little fella had everyone cooing on the way past.
He was scratched the way he liked it, just behind his ear...
The long walk...
We walked around Maria Weinberg a bit and then drove to a nearby & famous Buschenschank :" Wolfshütte "
The view from there is amazing. Incidentally, it is also a Buschenschank frequented by Royalty and Celebrities. Really.
I couldn't resist pulling Bob's suspenders. All in all, we had a fantastic day out with family and friends. The simple life is a great life !