Saturday, 3 August 2013

Birds Of A Feather & All That !

The garden, what a happening place.

It used to be me that got up to a bit of mischief when my parents were away. But that's going back decades and my only transgression would have been to look for the secret stash of sweets !

Fast forward to yesterday. For some reason, I went to my parents house. They were out, but I went into their garden to look for something. Well....

Does anyone know what goes on in their garden when they are not there ? I got educated yesterday. It must have been my Birkenstocks, that gave me such a soft, almost stealth - like tread. Or it could have been the amount of tweeting back and forth that made me go unnoticed for a bit.

The table where my parents usually sit and have a glass of wine, was occupied. But occupied by birds. There were two birds sitting on the opposing table edges, having a tweet or rather conversation !

My parents had left their wine glasses on the table, with a little sip of red left in them. The two birds looked like they were emulating my parents. Each one was sitting next to a wine glass. They were having a back & forth conversation, with a few high octave tweets among it. If they had put their heads into the wine glasses and taken a sip, I would have been floored !

When they noticed me and my astonished expression, they made their fluttery getaway onto the roof. But make no mistake, they let me hear their disapproval along the way. Hoping to catch a re-make of that table scene ( to show my parents ) I waited like any other Paparazzi, with my camera ready.

Alas, all I got was a roof scene.


Waiting for me to leave ?
This one is a Bird Celebrity . Had to disguise himself / herself...
What a life...