Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Even A Wild Cat Has Oodles Of Character.

Who needs a watch, when you have a cat ?

Even though we have never got nearer than two feet from our darling Tigger, we are enslaved to her and her funny antics. It's been almost two years since we have been feeding her on a daily basis. Like any new parent, it took us a while to cater to her tastes, but now she is enslaved to us...

Come 5 o'clock, she will make sure we can see her, lest we forget to feed her ! Please forgive us, it has only happened a few times and even when we were away, we made sure that my Mum took over.

It is so comical on those days when we are out and only return at 5 or 6 o'clock. Tigger will perch herself noticeably and at times elegantly on some part of our driveway. Ah, our little one is rather a genius...

Coming home yesterday afternoon, she was already waiting. You can see her peeking at us. No, her look and stance is more a case of : " Hurry up already, I'm starving. "
When I saw that little darling face, I dropped everything and quickly fetched her vittles.
When I put the food in her bowl, she makes sure there is a bit of distance between us. Silly Tigger !
I have developed my own routine. After I put the sachet of delectables in her dish, I go and throw away the wrapper in the bin across the courtyard. Gosh, she watches my every move and even knows when I go back inside. Every meter I move, she moves towards the food. A gentle waltz, day after day.
This is her pose, when I have the first foot on the step leading into our front door. Unless she sees me go inside, she won't go to her dinner table.
This final dash was taken leaning back out the door. God forbid she sees me....


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