Thursday, 8 August 2013

Global Warming Has Already Changed Us & Our Lifestyle.

" The horse has left the barn " !

Just like anything else in life, most of us wait for the other person to start before we do. Lets move from Me, Myself & I to Us & Ours.

Have you also noticed some of these things ?

  • Hands up, who doesn't slather sunblock on daily ? Yes, twenty years ago, most of us only put it on ( or into our bags ) when we whiled away our leisure time at the beach...
  • When you go into a store, you will easily get hold of a factor 50 sunscreen. In the past you had to hunt those down at the specialty shops or Dermatologists.
  • Do you also notice yourself turning Batty ? In these unbelievably hot summers, it is easier to stay indoors during the day and only slink outside in the evenings when it is noticeably cooler.
  • Water has become more precious than either Gold or oil in certain parts of the world. Living in these hot conditions ( not only in the Southern Hemisphere anymore ) makes us realize that without water, we would be in a pickle.
  • Isn't it ironic, that just before we got to the stage of having to stay indoors because of heat, the Internet got invented. Think about it. Lots of us can work from a cool home, shop from home and even socialize from home...Of course not to mention the resulting loneliness !

What do you think ?

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