Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Road Crew Almost Brought Down Our House.

The stuff of legends and honeymoons.

Usually this is written about in romance novels and urban folklore about your honeymoon night. Yet we had our own experience of the walls and foundation shaking and no, it wasn't our honeymoon night either.

When the walls start shaking and you hear that loud reverberating noise it can give you quite a fright. In our case a peek out the window was enough to reassure us. The road crew was busy fixing up the lane outside our house. A warning would have been nice. But the world over, road crews are more concerned with getting on than getting along.

The first photo I dared to take was after the ' ripper-upper ' had done its deed. Can you imagine the sheer power of those spikes on its wheels?
This sand pit of tarmac looks inviting enough to bring a bucket and spade.
The Big Machine outside and lots of onlookers. With any luck the machine will drive too close to our hedge and trim it for us...
When this vehicle-The Steamroller-starts to press down the surface, the waves of its power reverberate right through to your stomach. Never mind that the whole house shakes. As you can see the lane is about 1.50 meters from our house.
The big boss inspects the work.
This is a view from our back bathroom window at the end of the day. We don't have curtains on that window because of the nice view. But as the window is right above the loo, we chose not to use it yesterday...
Action and excitement outside our house with our own road signs.
This morning Bob couldn't help himself. When he saw this scene he rushed outside like a young schoolboy shouting: " Can you believe it, we've got our own red-light district outside our house."