Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Walk: Benches, Sunflowers & Idyllic Scenery.

Our own little discovery walk through our village surrounds.

Bob and I chose our walk to coincide with a lot of the benches. It was a nice route and walk, and I must say that today for the first time we saw several villagers out & about walking and cycling. Somehow it reminded me of the old fashioned promenades.

I stumbled across the bumble bees' bedroom ! Taken just before we set off on our walk.
Aren't those colours nice ?
A bench with a view second to none.
Deutsch-Schützen in the morning mist.
( Self-catering accommodation in the area. )
A bench-alcove for a picnic stop along one of the numerous walking paths of our vineyards.
This bench outside the local chapel even has a water fountain. Mostly used by the many cyclists that vacation in our area.
One of the most inviting benches in Eisenberg !
This bench is along the main road in our village. We took this at the end of our walk, on the way to the local tearoom for fresh eggs and bread rolls.