Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What Happens When Your Trousers Are Too Big For You.

A draw back or bonus of weight loss ?

My Dad very eloquently put our new adventure & life in Burgenland: " You are like the pioneers in the old west ! " and just in case you are wondering, he thought and thinks it is just the best...

Just like those settlers in the centuries past, we also need to watch our pennies. Emigrating and watching your expenses go hand in hand. There is nothing wrong with that and makes everything even more interesting and fun. Like those folk of urban lore, we have to save up cash to buy stuff. No plastic here !!!

But back to business. As you know, Bob discovered he has Diabetes ( blog post ) and that has changed our lives somewhat. For the better of course. We eat healthily and feel fantastic. It does however have a major consequence.

Bob has lost 33 kilos. Great, fantastic and fabulous. He feels on top of the world. The consequence is that all of his clothes are too big. Not just one size but several. His dream come true.

As you know, pioneers don't just pull out the plastic and charge. No, we need to budget and juggle. Bob splashed out on a new pair of jeans a couple of months ago and those are too big already. The only thing that keeps Bob's trousers up, are braces or a belt. Hey, remember that the pioneers only had one pair of shoes !

You know, those braces work like a charm, but just to be on the safe side, Bob bought himself some new & flashy undies....

I swear, Bob is living or rather re-living his teenage MTV adoration. Most of the time, he wears shorts that kind of slip halfway down his hips ( whether by accident or design, I am not so sure ) and expose his flashy set of undies. Don't worry, he bought himself a six-pack...of undies, so every day is a different colour !


I know I have posted this photo before, but I just wanted to show you an example...