Saturday, 20 July 2013

If You Had To Do Your Driver's License Again...?

What do you feel might be the outcome ?

The minute we have that little bit of paper stating that we know everything on the road, we get unstoppable. At least most of us. Add on a few years or decades and the " know-it-all " of most drivers becomes galactic !

For some reason it is the new trend to have reality programs ( here is a link to Sat.1 ) dealing with just that. The other day they had a teaser ad for Celebrities redoing their drivers' license on TV. It's alright for them, should they not make the grade. One word: Chauffeur.

Frankly I would not be that brave. Maybe I would do it, if they promised to disguise my face...The real driving inspectors are more than likely watching and waiting with glee !

Another show had a segment with strangers ( not anymore ) volunteering to drive around the block with cameras left right and center. Out of three, two went through a stop sign. When asked by the driving instructor, whether they had not seen this sign, they replied " oh I saw it, but seeing as there was no one coming..."

Should you or do you do...

  • A car drives close behind you, almost on top of you speed up or slow down ?
  • Drive through an orange light ? Some say that you still have a few seconds to gun it.
  • Stick to the speed limit ?
  • Take the gap and cut someone off with the usual " he should have been faster. "
  • Do you still make use of your indicators and the hooter when needed?
  • Do you keep both your hands on the steering wheel, or do you use one to tune the radio and or give hand signals to your fellow drivers ?
  • Drive slowly on the road, and the minute someone tries to overtake suddenly and inexplicably put your foot on the pedal and almost recreate a scene from
    " The Fast & The Furious " ?

Happy driving. Oh and let me know if any of the above apply to you...

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