Friday, 26 July 2013

Does German Sound That Bad ?

Beer & a Yodel Hat in hand...

Isn't it the truth, that when you wear ' questionable ' outfits ( you know the type that others point at, and not in envy either ) you yourself think it's fantastic. It must be a law of nature, that we don't notice our own faults !?

German, being my mother tongue, I tend to forget how hard it is to learn. I have tons of respect for Bob and am extremely chuffed when I hear him converse in German. What I am most surprised at, is how he tends to straight away pick up if someone is talking in a bad German accent ! How on earth can he tell...

We have rediscovered our Sat.1 Morning Show. It makes a welcome change from watching the News Channels and their incessant looping of it. Bob's favourite gal is still in the Morning Show. Blog post about this.

When I am writing at the computer, I often get little side comments: " Good lord, what is she wearing ? " or " Karen is looking rather nice today. " or " Come and watch this...". Clearly Bob is in his element.

Well, I must say, that they do have interesting stuff. Just this morning, with just a funny clip, they started off our weekend the best way...with laughter ! Oh dear, is that how you hear us ? Do you even differentiate between the various and rather obvious German accents ? Some differences are like night & day, almost like English and Scottish.

F.Y.I.: Not all of us wear the Yodel Hat & Hosentraegers and have a beer in front of us ! Tell me, do we sound like that to you ? Here is the clip, it's only 1 minute long.