Monday, 22 July 2013

Do You Also Structure Your Day With Routines ?

Are routines just idiosyncrasies ?

Do they make us predictable ? Oh yes, an advertiser's dream or a Private Eye's money for jam.

We didn't have those self imposed routines as children. Oh yes, our parents made sure we had routines galore: bedtime, mealtimes, study times & the list goes on. But back then, most of us vowed not to have routines as adults...

Famous last words indeed. I have plenty of routines and I am sure you do too ! :

  • We have pizza on a Friday. Eating anything else that day seems weird.
  • On Sundays we have eggs on toast. If one of us forgets to buy the eggs, the other starts to panic.
  • When the phone rings, it is the routine, that I answer it, even if Bob is right next to it !
  • When I wake up, I have to immediately make a pot of coffee.
  • When we go grocery shopping, we start at the same isle every time.
  • When Bob mows the lawn, he starts at the same corner every time.
  • When we drive anywhere, I get the job of locking the house and opening & closing the gate, while Bob routinely sits and waits in an idling car. ( God help him if he ever hoots or needlessly revs the car )

Routines and structure...I cannot imagine a day without them ?