Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Just Plain Fun.

Re-Discovering games such as Yatzee or Memory.

Monday afternoon, Bob and I found ourselves with an hour to spare, while waiting in our community hall. It is just a bare bones room, with tables and chairs but no computer or toys of that ilk !

Now even though we both on the other side of forty, I admit that we do like having computers and iPad etc. That of course means that we have ( almost ) forgotten how to play actual games that don't involve electricity.

While we were waiting, we did have a bag full of kids games with us. So, my motto is definitely " If not , why not ? ". Before we knew it, we were playing the different games. When did you last play Memory ( Memory Challenge Holiday) ? Gosh it is nice to sharpen the old grey cells and extremely nice to compete with your spouse.

I forgot how nice it is to sit at the table and just play. No background noise to distract us. Both of us shared a bit of our childhood memories about playing. Isn't it amazing, how just by doing something we did as a child, the pictures of those times flood our memory. Clear as daylight, I could see myself playing Memory as a child ! Bob told me stories of him and his best friend Ian, when they were small.

Why do we forget how to connect like that ? Modern times are great, but we get so carried away by the fast wave of the Internet, that we forget to sit and hang out together. At least we do.

Or rather did, as we now have got the taste of actual games again. We also tried a game of Yatzee and actually loved it. Bob is very competitive and seeing that I beat him at it the first time, he will want to have more games to even out the score !

When did you last play a game of Memory, Rummikubor Original Yahtzee Spiel (Anleitung auf Englisch) with your loved one? More importantly, did you enjoy it ?