Saturday, 14 November 2015

A Mere Tree In Burgenland Has So Much Beauty And Grace.

Nature Is The Best Tonic And Free of Charge.

As usual, I came upon this beautiful tree with its even more stunning array of foliage towards the end of my walk. This lovely tree is at the side of the road into Eisenberg.
Yes, it is a similar photo, yet each one has a magnetism of its own. All the various schools of thoughts in regards to being happy, revolve around appreciating the small's your chance.
That hint of mustard or pale yellow is shown off to perfection against the Burgenland blue sky and the grey of the tree. Divine.
A part of nature that almost invites one to daydream and imprint a happier picture onto our minds.
Where is your daydreaming taking you to? Often, especially in today's times, we need to see gentler and happier images. For me, these images of this one tree are a pleasure to behold and absorb.