Monday, 23 November 2015

Finally, The Air Has A Whiff Of Snow About.

A crispness that is accompanied by a special smell.

As much as we grumble about the specifics of dealing with snow after it has graced our presence for more than a few days, that first day the white marvels tumble onto the ground, has everyone in awe and agog.

As a sign of the times, nothing is left private and yesterday the photos were tumbling over each other, the photos with the first snow of the season.

Alas, we are still sans snow even though the weather report hinted about it. But, there is definitely a smell of snow in the air. How to describe it? Well, on the one hand you can feel a bitter cold wind that gets into our bones and on other hand, the air smells different. Perhaps, because it is close to freezing or perhaps I was imagining it.

As small as Austria is ( compared for example to South Africa ), each region can have vastly different weather patterns. Some parts of Austria are inundated with snow, while we, here in Südburgenland are comparatively tropical in temperature.

For most of my walk yesterday morning, a grayness hovered over everything. That indecisive gray hue that nature provides before it commits itself to either very warm or very cold. But, towards the end of my walk, I stumbled across a vibrant and a rather exotic array of colour dangling from a narrow branch.

A colour combination that is too divine...
Can you see the grayness hovering behind it? But, what a wonderful display of nature. Nature at its best, even though it was a cold and gray day...