Wednesday, 4 November 2015

In Our Modern 24/7 World, Why Does The American Presidential Election Take Almost Two Years?

A tad too much?

Of course it is an important election but so is the British Prime Minister for example and that doesn't take so long. Frankly, even though I love watching the CNN news, I am beginning to forfeit it for the BBC news. The election is only next year, but already the headline for most news casts is about this election. Either a debate or a scandalous ' what has he done now? ' piece.

Too Much Information and rather boring...knowing it will still intensify over the coming months.
There is a world outside of American politics....

Before motor cars ( not to mention the Internet ) votes and public appearances had to be reached by horse. America is a lovely and vastly big country and one can understand that it might take a long time to see all corners of it. To get your view across riding into one town after the next.

But, really, who of the American populace hasn't heard all the thoughts, ideas and promises of the contenders? In our modern way of life, it is very rare to get role models who choose the high road, and choose it all the time. Politicians are our elected leaders and it should be a given that they will put their populace first. ( I know, I am a romantic and idealist )

When you see the vast amounts of money being spent to persuade voters ( and might I say, that I think it is awful how mean some get against their opponent ), it all seems very surreal. Even in America there are a lot of people who don't have enough to eat and all that money being thrown at the election process could have a better usage! Do the powers that be keep the long drawn out election road in place because of the profit being made by advertising? Just a thought...

What about the other fact of that long road to the White House? The various contenders are over a certain age and it must be physically exhausting to woo for votes. The constant travelling, speeches and meet & greets would tire most of us. Imagine, if the run up to the election is shortened by a year, then the one who gets elected will still have oodles of energy left to actually rule the country...