Sunday, 22 November 2015

" I'll Have A Can Of Mouse, Bird Or Mole Please."

Bob hits the nail on its head...

Isn't it funny how life works? Once you focus your attention on a certain area, you get to meet others of the same frame of mind. As you can have guessed, Le Bob and I are now in the kitten business. Yesterday afternoon, we went to visit friends who are also afflicted with the same gorgeous addition to their lives... cats.

Anyway, there we were shooting the breeze and for some reason the topic of food came up and not to be too blunt, the resulting emissions were discussed as well.

As newly initiated cat owners, we are finding our feet one footstep at a time and have just mastered the art of sorting out the #2 business. Along the way, we have discovered that if you feed the kitten a better quality type of food, the odorous parcels are not so ghastly to the olfactory organ. Simple really!

The most surprising thing is that our little Maus is as regular as clockwork. Twice a day, same time. In fact when she had the odd occasion of not being on time, we started to worry...

When Bob met our kitten for the first time this week, I straight away made sure that he would share in the emission removal aspect...rather cunningly too:

" You know Bob, if you really want the kitten to bond properly with you, she needs to see you remove her #2's and praise her for doing it. Don't let her see you gag!!! "
Well, Bob is now fully integrated into the business of raising a kitten and I am proud that he has rolled up his sleeves and pitched right in...sharing is caring after all!

While we were talking cats yesterday, we listed the merits of the various cat foods one can buy. Suddenly, Bob said something so simple and yet highly profound:

" Why don't they sell cat food made with mice or birds? That is what they eat in nature. Have you ever heard of a cat eating Beef, Salmon or Venison? "

Cats are natural Banting Dieters after our kitten still lives inside and goes to the toilet in her little cat loo, we will make sure she gets a good balanced meal and hopefully we get rewarded with an aroma more reminiscent of roses...