Friday, 6 November 2015

Say What You Will, But Kittens Are Very Clever.

A character developes and moulds..

In a small way, I do feel like one of those newly minted mothers, who tell all and sundry that their baby is the prettiest etc. even though it might only be so to her. Well, my kitten is rather...!

Tomorrow will be a week that this lovely bundle of joy has lived with us. Actually at the moment I am a single cat-mum as Bob is away, but as soon as he's back, the duties and fun will be shared.

Bob has no idea how fragrant a toilet offering from a little kitten can be ( and also how prolific ) and how ineffective the supposedly smell absorbing cat litter is. But at least she is toilet trained and uses her little tray frequently throughout the day and at three in the morning. As I can't close the doors ( in case she needs to use the litter tray ) the aroma of her toilet session is overpowering enough to wake one up.

Happy even though she is rather skittish still, does follow my every move even going as far as choosing the chair opposite my couch as her place to watch television. Or rather to watch me. Even if I just move an inch, her little head goes up. She is not so sure about dozing on the couch with me yet.

Her set of toys has increased vastly and she likes to play with them. Even when I am out, I notice her play activities the minute I get home. The two rugs in the lounge look so scrunched up and in odd places that I am pretty sure she uses them as surfboards.

Our bedroom is so far still off limit to her and as soon as she hears me opening the door, she tries to dash past me at great speed in order to get her nose in there and explore.

Both of us live for cuddling time and even though I have to bribe her with treats to come close, once she's on my lap, we cuddle, purr, knead and talk too each other for at least five minutes and often more. Life with this kitten is wonderful...

Life and the enjoyment of it is rather easy to do. Happy claiming her space.