Thursday, 19 November 2015

Morning Has Broken, And In A Breathtaking Way.

Early birds catch the proverbial worm and the celestial sunrise...

Our house has windows affording a glimpse into three different directions and thus three slightly changing images of a sunrise. A colour kaleidoscope.
Didn't I tell you? Orange hues on the front of our house and mauve ones out the back. Somehow I can't decide which is more awesome.
This is taken out of our front bedroom window and as I was taking it, an elderly neighbour walked passed on her daily round. With a crutch under each arm!
...and she is grateful for every day she can go for a walk...

This image made me think of romance, history and a carefree world. One could almost say that this is looked at through rose-tinted glasses!
A beautiful sunrise indeed. The almost bare branch of a shrub gives the sunrise more depth, don't you think?
Finally, a mauve ending to a stunning sunrise. The blues were taking over and a minute after this photo was taken, the sunrise had changed into morning.
What a beautiful start to the day and one that makes me glad to be an early bird...