Monday, 2 November 2015

Hurrah, We Have A Cat, Call Me Catwoman!

Cat lady, lady with the cat, middle aged woman & her cat but not, catty!

Bob and I have been pining for a little kitten for a while now and as luck would have it, it chose us, well me, while Bob's away. I say lucky, as I now have got a bit of time to put house rules and so forth into effect. Bob, has the biggest heart and if those cute cat eyes were to stare at him, he would crumble quicker than cookie.

Happy, as the owner had named her, is about 5 to 6 month old and therefore could be considered a teenager. A cat( tty ) teenager and we all know that teens like to do things their way.

Anyhow, the two of us have established ground rules. Bedroom, is off limits at all time. Admittedly, last night was a rather heart-rendering meowing affair outside the bedroom door, once I had shut it for the night. Goodness, she had all the comforts needed in her lair. Toilet, food station and two comfy beds. She somehow threw herself against the door and it opened. I don't know who got a bigger fright. Her or me?

This morning, when I got up and opened the door, there she was waiting for me and allowed me to pick her up. Even before the coffee got made, the two of us had a 10 minute cuddle on the couch. Well, she purred while twisting almost like a pretzel trying to find her favourite place on my lap. Just lovely and special.

As she is still new to our household, at times she is skittish and even last night, it took me half an hour to get her into her lair ( the entrance hall ). She is rather ingenious and would jump around at her leisure during the night and perhaps onto Bob's computer...

Her reason d'aitre is to help us keep the mouse population of Eisenberg out on the fields and not in our house. I was pleased to see her sniffing the trail of a mouse. With enthusiasm. Lovely, the future holds many mousy presents.

At least they won't be eh, lousy only mousy and as the one and only rule ( Bob you are not allowed to break it!!! ) is No Entry to our bedroom, both of us will hopefully never wake up to a present on our pillow, staring us in the face a la Godfather...

Our new addition to our family is playing excitedly with a small little blue ball...a present from the grandparents!
She's got her eyes on the ball and is flicking it all over the floor with the precision of a footballer...I fear a speedy demise for any mouse in our house.
Not bad looking, is she? She is a real darling.