Thursday, 26 November 2015

Is Elvis Alive?

Wow, the king of blues has a doppelganger.

A voice to give you goosebumps for sure... A voice that takes you back instantly to those special moments when an Elvis song hovered in the background, while the canvas of your life was being filled with the brushstrokes of colourful experiences. Some of us discovered Elvis through our parents' adoration of him and others just heard his songs and were smitten.

I came across a link about this kid ( he is only 18 after all ) performing an Elvis song. Well, I am awed at his rendition of an Elvis classic.

The music of the 50's and 60's wasn't yet electrified by techno sounds. No, the only one electrifying the audience was the artist himself. And it seems that almost 40 years after The King's death, a doppelganger of voice and looks has popped up. Just in time too.

I listened to his singing and it had that special quality and feeling that doesn't come around often. Bravo to this young man for embracing a style of music not ( yet ) favoured by his peers...Not to call the music of that era wholesome, but compared to the music of now, it is. Let me know, if you also felt as if the king was alive. This David Thibault is just the bee's knees...