Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Slice Of Burgenland.

As picturesque as any Grand Master would have liked...

The photo is a tad on the hazy side and that is just what makes it so amazingly romantic and at the same time a bit antique.
The golden drops from the birch above. In esoteric circles, one way to get rid of negativity is to imagine a divine shower from above raining onto you...this in a way captures the moment for me.
I love seeing the golden straw between the rows of vines. I was walking down the Adixl lane in our village, when this wonderful colour combination offered itself.
Someone asked what makes Burgenland so special, and I think this image is a part of it. The gentle meandering roads leading into villages abundant with nice people.
The wind had fluttered these yellow leaves in all directions. It almost looks a if the tree's bloomers have lifted!
Two solid tree trunks kind of make this tree more human...with the green leaves strategically placed...
The David of Eisenberg?