Saturday, 7 November 2015

Revisiting Old Crime Scenes.

Rather a pleasant surprise.

Bob very kindly reorganized our book shelves a few weeks ago. Did I mention that he organized not only the authors as one tends to do, but he has established territorial sections. Or should I say, that the book shelf over our main couch is the Nordic corner and the hidden away shelf has been made the British one.

I was strictly instructed to put the books back into their proper place once I've read them, but somehow it never works out that way...and not on purpose either. When Bob gets back, he will notice that there has been some diplomatic reading going on and Norway is now mingling with Scotland!

But it is very nice to meander down the country shelves in our house. Bob's even pandered to my love of the fictional but nevertheless wonderful England of yore and provided a space ( albeit a bit hidden ) for all of my Georgette Heyer novels.

We have the Scottish section within the British corner ( Bob, you might need to make space for our Agatha Christie collection ) and it has many Val McDermids and Ian Rankins. Tooth & Nail by Ian Rankin landed up in my hand and frankly hasn't been put down much either.

10 Great Rebus Novels (English Edition)

Honestly, I forgot how nice it is to read crime novels set in England and set before every character owns a smartphone. Why should that matter? Well, seeing the Inspector doing old fashioned leg work as opposed to the modern thumb work is nice. A blast from the past. A time when they had to use the phone booth or that ancient device called the Landline...

Don't get me wrong, this book is rather gruesome and horrific in the murder department, but Ian Rankin's character, Rebus especially, is just fabulous to get to meet and know. A great read for the onset of winter and the cherry on top is that the Scottish section has many more Ian Rankin books waiting to be revisited.