Wednesday, 18 November 2015

When Bob Met " Maus "...

Warning: Kitten in each photo, a cute kitten!

Our kitten, christened Happy but re-named Maus by us met Bob for the first time yesterday. Yes, Bob's back from visiting his family. We both weren't sure how ( if ) soon she would take to him, but, Bob has won another fan!
By the way, that is Bob pulling another mouse on a string. Non stop kitten entertainment in our house...

As tired as Bob was from travelling for 24 hours, he took the time to play with our Maus. It didn't take long, for the two of them to play with great enthusiasm. Frankly, I am not so sure who enjoyed it more!
I wouldn't be surprised if she has sore muscles today.
An hour after meeting her " Dad " , she was jumping all over him in the quest to get to the red moving feather. You should have heard the gurgling and laughter coming from the couch.
Bob has such patience and loves playing with our little Maus. Even though she is my little shadow, the minute Bob leaves the room, she runs to see where he is going. Too cute.