Saturday, 21 November 2015

Another Facet To That Gem Called Eisenberg.

A walk along the forest.

A side to Eisenberg that many Eisenberger's don't see very often. A walk is needed to get a glimpse of it from this angle.
The valley often resembles an ocean when the mist is still clinging to its sides.
Even the smallest of villages in our county, has a prominent church. Or rather a church in a prominent place such that everyone sees and gets reminded...
A view of our village that most know. In fact, what you see are the wine suburbs or vineyards. The place where the delectable Blaufränkisch grapes are ripened. The gradient of the hills makes for some interesting bit of harvesting...
The vines are taking a break over winter, but still manage to bring joy to people.
This has a touch of William Tell about it...apples are the other fruit that we have lots of.
" An apple & a glass of wine a day might keep the doctor away..."