Thursday, 5 November 2015

Just A Normal Walk In My Backyard.

The sheer joy of experiencing the different season.

The mist is rather common at this time of the year and cloaks the valley with such abundance that often the houses on the hillside, tend to resemble seaside properties...

The hidden charm of our beautiful wine region. A romantic's paradise.
As strange as it seems, I took this image on the same spot and the same time, but had only turned to my left. At times, it can be sunny on the one side and misty on the other...
A few mornings earlier, I had walked along the forest and had this spectacular view into Deutsch Schützen. This is Bob's favourite view and it is divine in each season...
Last but not least, this was taken yesterday morning on our walk towards Höll, but looking back towards the Deutsch Schützen chapel. Nature couldn't have provided a more fabulous frame. The green and yellow field of
" Oh, how divine!"
are mustard plants. Driving or walking around at this time of the year, where the fields are mostly bare and idle, it is a stunning surprise to get this view.