Monday, 16 November 2015

Some Eye-Catching Autumn Moments In Burgenland.

An Autumn meander through nature in Südburgenland.

Most of the forest is in its bare and dull phase, yet now and again one stumbles over such a beautiful yellow ribbon in front of a tree. Stunning and eye-catching.
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Oak Old Tree

The romantic pond at the bottom of our street. A pond to ponder about the joys of life...
Yes, it is a mere tree, but how amazing the colour of its foliage. The blue skies and vineyards in the back transforms it into an awesome tree.
Every now and again, you can see a tough vine. It so far hasn't bowed down to the elements of nature nor the seasonal changes. A nice greeting along my walk.
A golden oasis to make you stop and have a look. Some Autumn colour schemes couldn't have been better arrayed by any of the Old Masters...