Tuesday, 24 November 2015

For The Love Of Books & Reading.

The victorious pen...

A lot of people in Paris are snapping up a book. A book that is overcoming the ' sword ' with sangfroid. Hemingway's -A Moveable Feast - is reminding Parisians of living life in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Reading is being discovered again. Reading with the crinkling of pages or reading in bed and having the book fall atop of you once slumber has arrived. It might sound very simplistic, but if more people would take up reading again instead of imbibing short tidbits of questionable correctness via the virtual town crier perhaps the energy will lift and turn decidedly positive.

We are what we think and focus on, and at the moment we are focusing on the wrong things. Reading a book on any topic, occupies our time in a far more nicer way and might even point our thoughts onto a better field of possibilities, outcomes and happiness.

Collectively we have been robbed of a good chunk of our spare time. Time we could have spent with family, time we could have used to go for a walk, time we could have used to relax and read a book. It isn't just the modern teenager who is guilty of having a Smartphone glued to their hand but it has spread across all ages and generations.

Once you've spent a small fortune on a Smartphone, of course you want to get your money's worth. But at what cost?

Imagine, if for the next six months, your life could be Smartphone free. No instant connectivity. No constant temptation to see what friends are eating, visiting or complaining about. Imagine the amount of free time that would suddenly be available to you...

Yes, on the one hand technology has simplified our lives but on the other hand, it has made our lives stressful, hectic, overstimulated and with just plain simply...Too Much Information.

If you can, read a book ( even if it is just the Google of my generation...a dictionary ) join a book club or find a way to be offline...an hour a day might just change your outlook on life!