Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Me & My Shadow...

Never far away!

It's been over a week that my shadow has been developing. At first, she was too scared to do more than eat and go potty. But throughout this week, she has responded to my parcels of cuddling ( mostly enabled with the lure of a small cat sweet ) and is now a permanent shadow.

If I lie on my couch, she perches on the couch next door making sure that I am in her line of vision. Should I go to the bathroom, she awaits outside. Cooking in the kitchen, she has a favourite chair that she sits on, watching the culinary action going on. So cute and honestly it melts my heart.

It is amazing to get to witness the various emotions she has. No, cats aren't just cats. They are highly intelligent and entertaining. As any cat owner knows, when they use the potty inside for a number 2, a bit of recycling or rather mining for nuggets needs to be done. Smells, you know!!! Well, she is ever so embarrassed that I need to do this.

As for play time ( which alas, can at times be at 3 am ) she has created her own obstacle course in our lounge. She races at great speed over a few couches and yesterday she discovered a new extra...as we have throws on our second hand couches, she now slips underneath the bottom flap of the throw and runs around like the proverbial spook. For those not in the loop, it seems as if our couch has been requisitioned for the movie Aliens.

Over the course of this week, she has shown me that she loooves to be scratched on her tummy, stretching on my lap is her favourite ( naturally while I talk kitten with her and constantly stroke her fur ).

Did I mention that our kitten was a feral baby? She was found and brought to the pound, but nobody wanted to adopt her. She seemed too skittish, but then a wonderful young lady took her in to re-socialized her until Bob and I were lucky enough to get to adopt her. Best thing ever that this divine kitten chose us...

As for the heading, Me and my shadow, I did google it, to see if I shouldn't rather use the proper version of My shadow and I and to my delight, I found an original life performance of Old Blue Eyes a.k.a. Frank Sinatra performing with Sammy Davies Junior a classic by the same name. If you get a chance, look it up on YouTube. I did want to post it for you, but am not so sure about Copyrights.