Friday, 13 November 2015

My Little Shadow Does Things...

Intelligent, trainable and oh so hungry.

Every time that Happy has used her loo, I have done a stint of making sure it is devoid of offensive odors afterwards. As our kitten likes to cover her track and with great enthusiasm, the tiles around her loo tend to be covered in stony sand-bits. Nothing that I can't sort out with my dustpan.

The other night, I could sense ( !!! ) that she was using her throne, but she spent an awfully long time doing that covering up act. At first I only heard her clawing in what I thought was the litter tray. I turned quietly to have a look ( no one likes to be watched while on the throne ) and to my surprise, there she was, outside the litter tray, using her cute little paws to gather up the odd stray bit of cat litter.

Oh dear, my heart melted. There she was copying my action with her own version of a dustpan, the way she had seen Mummy do. More importantly, how clever? After only 10 days of living together, she is already cleaning up after herself....a deed that many a wife is still idealistically expecting of her husband, several years down the road of marriage. ( Eh, no, of course not you Bob! )

We have settled into a lovely routine and so far, the bed has stayed kitten free. Naturally, I can't vouch for when I am in a deep dream state, but when I go to sleep and when I wake up, she is sleeping on her own little couch. Nice.

As you may well know, we actually did get a cat because we have an affinity for mice in the winter. For some reason, they love our four walls, but I have to say, since Happy has been in residence, nary a mouse has ventured into our house.

Happy did a beautiful job on a pretend mouse. Well, I don't want to sound too gruesome, but yesterday morning, I went into the lounge and saw tufts of stuffing lying all over. Oh, what now? It turns out, that our little bundle of joy has finally managed to get the better of her play mouse. An unhappy ending for that one but a promising future for a mouse-free zone...


A scene from the grey zone...sniffing her bounty?
As you can see, the mouse is missing her head and I don't even want to think where it is hidden...
Happy 1 mouse 0