Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Comparing Apples And Hamburgers.

The sign of time...

Bob's parents sent him a ticket to go home for a visit, which he is doing at the moment. In fact he is loving it and who wouldn't, being the sole recipient of parental attention and love? Those special trips to see family are vital when one emigrates and how fabulous that he is able to do so at the moment.

Even as we speak, Bob is eating all his childhood's favourite foods. His mum is baking and cooking up a storm! Super. Bob deserves it and perhaps he'll bring back a morsel or two.

Anyway through a medium called Madam Oracle, no, only Skype, I am au fait at the latest goings on of Bob. Also vica verca as Bob has been talking kitten with our little one. As on any holiday, it is fun all the way except for one little fact. Well, rather a big one...the rate of inflation in South Africa.

It is ghastly, should be forbidden to convert your currency when you are on holiday anywhere, as it robs you of any enjoyment.

" Can you believe how much this cup of coffee cost me? "
When in Rome, do as the Romans. Yet, with Bob it is a bit different because he isn't converting so much as comparing to what he remembers from 4 years ago.

Only yesterday he told me how shocked he was at the price of a hamburger at his quiz. He made me guess a few times, but even I was aghast. R 120 for a hamburger and chips. Plain, not gourmet! When Bob left four years ago, it cost in the region of R 80.

Similarly he was stunned to see the price of Jeans...over R 1000 had him quickly put the jeans back on the rack...

Look, not everyone eats out but this is just one example of how the prices have gone up in South Africa. Just to see what the average salaries are, I looked some up. Teaching rewards an average of R 18 000 while Secretarial gives about R 11 000.

If you are reading this in foreign climes, just a reminder that in S.A. you have to pay oodles for schooling, health care, security, cars, electricity and housing. With the prices going up rather smartly, it can not be very easy having a normal, stress free life.

Luckily, the weather is always sunny there and having B.B.Q's ( braai's ) is a fun way to socialize and Bob has been doing a lot of it ( and loving it too ). But, it can't be easy for the average South African making ends meet.