Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My Dear Flies, Beware Of Our House And Its Dangers.

Never mind the adage of catching more flies with honey.

Some people spend the late night hours at clubs, pubs or in that enviable dreamland, but I had and will most likely often have, front row seats to an acrobatic display from our kitten. A kitten catching a fly, or rather attempting to catch one.

Honestly, at first I was a bit concerned to the mental state of this young gal, as she was running circles and at odd times did a jump straight up into the air. Gosh, at one point she even climbed a wall. Oh my, scary moments.

But just as I was wondering if the food she ate had rather too much MSG in it, I heard it. The unmistakable buzz of a fly. A brave and taunting fly. Just from the sound of it, you could tell that she was taunting our kitten on purpose. Not nice, at one in the morning.

So, there was my late night entertainment and the more she jumped, the more excited she got and only when the fly rested for a few minutes was there a bit of peace and quiet. Happy jumped onto her seat and was almost asleep, when the fly started off again. Buzzzzz.

Apart from not getting much sleep, I am extremely chuffed that our little kitten has her hunting instinct intact. So far no mouse has dared to show its tiny whiskers, as Happy spends a big part of the day, sniffing and waiting at the portals. Those portals where a mouse usually and rather daringly enters our house.

The funniest bit of all this is, that when Bob hears the approaching buzz of any fly, he reaches for his fly swatter and to be honest, apart from not jumping into the air, he also goes dilly over a fly. He too, won't rest until he has had success with his swatter and goes so far as to talk to it...

" I am going to get you little....! "

At one point this morning I threw in the towel and reached for Bob's fly swatter, hoping to catch this irritating buzzer and to put a stop to this game. Ha, guess who had the last laugh, or should I say buzz..