Monday, 9 November 2015

The " KardBlock " Proves Our Unhealthy Obsession With Celebrities,

There is only so much one can see of celebrities.

Frankly, I would much rather see a few Royal Houses being called out of the shadows and back into existence. There seems to be this quest to know all about those celebrities who only look good because they hardly ever have to hoover carpets, wash their own dishes, do laundry and of course have an entourage of stylists buzzing around them, ensuring that not a hair is out of place. A bit of smoke & mirrors...

A young man in Britain has created an app that blocks out all and any news of the Kardashians and called it #KardBlock. Fantastic, isn't it?

The It crowd, that is idolized by magazines and social media, haven't really created anything of value? Done things by example, such as Buy less bling and rather do more worthwhile things.

Of course it doesn't say much about us, because we ( well not all ) are the ones buying the magazines, sharing their stories of excess and wanting to be like them, have what they have and be seen with the same handbag, shoes or dress that costs more than some people earn in a year.

Surely there is more to life?

On a much smaller scale, each of us has a sort of celebrity in our social media circle. Someone that we've perhaps met a few times, or maybe are related to or just added them on because of the glamour factor.

At times I find it a bit thoughtless when they post stories of their latest purchase ( nothing useful of course ), exotic holidays or fancy dinners. Often I wonder if they realize that there are people, friends or family in their social circles who can't have any of what they are showing off with.

Look, there is nothing wrong having fancy dinners, clothes or even exotic holidays, but don't brag about it online or offline It seems to me, that all this showing off is a statement of insecurity...

Imagine if you could have an app that,

  • #keepsitreal
  • #noneofthisbs
  • #nobraggingallowed
  • and of course my personal best would be: