Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Long Hair.

The pro's and con's of it !

It starts of when we are little, with the introduction to " Rapunzel ". Wasn't it every girls dream to have long blond hair, and use it to get her prince ? Oh the memories...

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Seeing that I managed to get my " Prince " having long hair, I am loathe to part with it. Silly really, because spouses tend to see the not-so-glamourous look more often than not... Security blanket, femininity or just plain old habit have a lot to do with it. The imprint of all years seeing the various commercials, you know the ones where women only have lustrous long and shiny hair, resulting in a " great " life, is hard to discard.

Who remembers the old ad of Brooke Shields and her jeans ( with a mane of great hair ). You know, it is not so easy to do the toss & swing of long hair ! Many a chiropractor has had repeat business from the fore mentioned folly... In a way, I do admire those brave ones, who go ahead and just chop it all off.

The bane of having long hair, can be summed up in a few words....it tends to stay behind !

  • on you car seat
  • on your jersey
  • on the floor, check out the bottom of your vacuum cleaner.
  • even more awful, on someone else's car seat.
  • in the shower
  • yuk, in the pot, while you cook ?
  • alarmingly in your hairbrush.

It is a wonder we still have hair at all. I think this list could have a few more entries. Regardless, I am still fondly attached to my long hair at the moment but the hair-clock is ticking and the age of a short-do is approaching...


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